Restoring Diesel Power To ‘Like New Condition’

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Houston based, Petra Oil Company, a leader in aftermarket automotive maintenance products and programs, offers a must-have for diesel powered vehicles, Diesel Power Fuel and Diesel Power Fuel System Cleaner

Petra Diesel Power and Petra Diesel Power Fuel System Cleaner are both preventative maintenance and performance enhancing products that keep diesel engines powered up at like new condition.

General Manager, Arnold Gacita said, “Diesel Power and Diesel Fuel System Cleaner reach the core of any diesel engine by reducing emissions, preventing rust and corrosion on injectors, and meets performance requirements of the traditional Cummins L10.  In addition, Diesel Power improves low temperature operations by reducing the cold filter plugging point.”

Gacita continued by saying, “Petra Oil Company is committed to high quality products and services to keep cars and trucks performing longer while contributing to a greener carbon footprint.”

About Petra Oil Company

Petra Oil Company brings over 50 years combined experience to the aftermarket automotive industry with top quality products and programs. Petra Oil Company is located at 5829 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N. in Houston, Texas. For more information, call 888-Petra-61 or 713-856-5700.



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