HOUSTON, TEXAS – I’d like to start by reiterating our statement yesterday, via bulletin and on social media. Petra Oil, it’s staff and family are safe and dry. Petra is open for business. We are producing product and shipping. We opened yesterday, functioning 100%. We are ready for your orders. We are here to service you our great customers.

Having said the above, our heart breaks to see the devastation so many Houstonians, South Texans and now east Texans are going through. You cannot look at TV or see pictures people send or post on social media, and not be heartbroken. The images are unbelievable and to see some of it first hand is at times surreal. Some are without power. Some have evacuated. Others helping people evacuate. Some have lost all; all their possessions, vehicles, homes, etc. And the state is still evaluating the total impact of the storm. We are committed to helping our community. Our customers, especially those that were impacted. Committed to helping our city. Thank you for the calls and emails asking how you could help as well.
Yesterday we met with the Texas National Guard, the lead and associate Pastor of TheMET church and a representative for the county commissioners’ office. TheMET church is about 1 block away from Petra Headquarters. TheMET church is an official shelter for the county. They at one point housed 900 people; currently have about 500+ and are expecting more in the days to come. Not only did I meet with this team at Petra, but then went and visited TheMET and saw firsthand what they are doing to meet the needs of those that were evacuated and potentially lost all. To say it was humbling is to say the least. The love and concern they and their volunteers showed was something that touches you from the moment you walk in. They treat all with dignity and respect, trying to meet their needs and accommodation request. Supplies, clothes, meals, medical attention and even pet care are all given at this facility.

After this meeting we agreed that Petra would be used as their warehousing facility. All Texas Guard equipment and all food, donation supplies, etc would be sent to Petra we would warehouse and deliver to them as needed. This is the least we can do. I asked what else we could do to help. They gave me the attached list and said in addition to that their greatest need was money to be able to buy and prepare food for over 500 people, 3 meals a day, daily.

So friends, you asked what you can do? Here it is. Attached is a list of supplies needed that can be sent to our address below on my signature. Below trail is an email from the Associates Pastor of TheMET with a link where you can donate money. This money will have no administration fees, all 100% of it goes to devastation needs, as indicated below. Thank you for your help and support. As Petra is open for business – we are also open to help.

God bless and thank you,
Arnold J. Gacita



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