Petra’s full-line of A/C Products are developed with the highest quality formulations and tested to ensure top performance for automotive air conditioners.

Petra ICE32 with UV Dye is available in 3oz aerosol and 1.5oz liquid bottles.  While improving air flow and cooling performance, these products contain elements that cut humidity, eliminate moisture and acid, while sealing up the system to prevent any leaks.

Petra Universal R-134A PAG 100 Refrigerant Oil with UV Dye is a must have in the preventative maintenance department for all mobile A/C systems and meeting OE Specs.

Petra’s Evaporator Odor Eliminator is a professional strength foaming formulation that quickly eliminates odors and cleans the evaporator. This product maintains your vehicle’s evaporator while everyone in the car smells a cleaner smelling vehicle by improving air quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Improves  air quality
  • Fresh, clean scent
  • Safe for all A/C systems in cars, trucks, vans and RV’s

PN 9007B Evaporator-Odor-Eliminator

PN 9007C Evaporator-Odor-Eliminator

PN 9021 Petra Ice

PN 9022_Petra-Universal-Refrigerant-Oil

PN 9023_Petra Ice_Liquid

PN 9025_Petra AC Stop Leak

PN 9027 PetraIce+

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