All-purpose cleaner for your all-purpose vehicle

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Houston based, Petra Oil Company, a leader in aftermarket automotive maintenance products and programs, now offers a non-chlorinated brake cleaner that acts as an all-around degreaser.

Petra’s Synthetic Universal Power Steering Fluid combines exceptional low temperature fluidity with outstanding shear stability to meet and exceed the most stringent performance requirements of the OEMs.  This product is a specifically formulated fluid for use in power steering systems that require high performance lubricating fluids such as CHF+.

Advantages and uses for Petra’s Synthetic Power Steering Fluid constitute a long beneficial list including: advanced, full synthetic formulation for superior performance, keeps power steering units clean, reduces wear and valve noise over a wide temperature range, non-foaming and non-corrosive, compatible with ALL power steering systems, protects against wear, oxidation and corrosion, helps restore quiet, smooth steering control, conditions seals and hoses.

Arnold Gacita, President of Petra Oil, stated “our products and services are highly scrutinized in the lab and tested in real world scenarios.  When we get a product like Synthetic Universal PST, there is no reason not to use it.  It is completely advantageous to the car owner.”

About Petra Oil Company

Petra Oil Company brings over 50 years combined experience to the aftermarket automotive industry with top quality products and programs. Petra Oil Company is located at 6100 West by Northwest Blvd, Suite 190 in Houston, Texas. For more information, call 888-Petra-61 or 713-856-5700.

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